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Should Your Small Business Hire an SEO Specialist?

If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve got dozens of tasks on your mind: generating leads and sales, personal branding, social media marketing, employee payroll… the list goes on and on.

How much thought and effort have you put into search engine optimization?

This is the process of attracting organic (free) traffic from the search results in search engines. You need your business to appear high-up in the organic results or potential clients won’t even know you exist.

Do this process right, and you’ll get targeted traffic landing on your website to learn more and/or buy what you’re selling. Fail, and your potential clients will find your competitors without even knowing you exist.

Often, small business owners are trying to make small marketing budgets stretch. They may even take search engine optimization upon themselves, cobbling together a DIY campaign that doesn’t get results or ultimately damages them.

Or, they hire a company that’s making them lots of false promises, like “You’ll be #1 in Google!” (Nobody can promise you that, by the way).

Here are three compelling reasons to hire a pro if you’re wondering “Should I pay for SEO?”

1. You benefit from an expert’s experience and knowledge.

Although nobody but Google knows the answer, it’s widely estimated that there are 200 factors used by Google’s search algorithm to rank websites and pages.

This part of your marketing is a LOT of work and responsibility-are you willing to do it yourself or trust your company’s success to an overseas firm that offers you rock-bottom prices?

If you hire the wrong company, it’s not just about poor results. Many of these companies employ illegal techniques. These are shady practices that Google will punish you for, perhaps even by removing you from search results entirely.

A good search engine optimization strategist is on top of the ever-changing rules and trends and will play by Google’s rules. They will evaluate your competitors and help you create and implement a strategy that will get results.

2. They’ll help you create a better user experience.

When it comes to SEO outsourcing, it’s important to look at it as a holistic process. Their efforts should impact your entire website, not just the pages with optimized content.

That’s why it’s essential to find a reputable marketing company that doesn’t just focus on keywords. While targeting the right keywords and using them the right amount of times throughout your website is key, there’s more to it than that, such as:

• How fast your site loads

• If your navigation is user-friendly or not

• Mobile friendliness

By hiring a well-rounded marketing company, your strategy isn’t just focused on keywords, but on other essential factors that can make or break your success.

3. They’ll analyze the data.

It’s one thing to make changes and test out different things, but how are you measuring your success or lack thereof? You’re only going to see results and improve what isn’t working if you’re diving deep into your stats and making adjustments.

If you hire an SEO specialist, he or she can provide you with stats such as:

• Number of visitors

• The keywords people are using to find your site

• Bounce rate (how many people are landing on a page, not interacting with it and leaving)

• What content visitors are interacting with

• How much traffic you’re getting from social media

It’s unlikely that you have the time or training to look closely at your analytics and pull out the relevant data. By opting for paid search optimization, you can focus on what you do best within your business.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire an SEO Specialist

You need to look at this process as a job interview. You’re hiring a VIP for your company-the person who is going to attract visitors and keep them on your site.

Before you hire another person for your team, here are six questions to ask your potential new employee:

1. Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for a search term?

This is the first question you should ask, because if the answer is “Yes,” they’re not a reputable company. Like I mentioned above, nobody can guarantee this.

2. How do you plan on improving our search engine rankings?

If your consultant or firm is good, they’ll have a tried-and-true search engine optimization strategy they’ll happily share with you. Watch for vague answers around linking or keyword research-there’s much more to it than that.

Speaking of links, as them about how they plan on building links. One good backlink is worth more than thousands of low-quality backlinks, and some consultants will try to wow you with the number rather than the quality.

3. What’s your reporting process?

Ask your potential company what metrics they track. You need to be informed of what’s happening, and usually companies send a monthly report (at least). Be wary of those who don’t have a solid schedule to keep clients in the loop-this is often because they don’t have enough good results to share.

4. Do you optimize for voice search?

When you hire someone, they need to think beyond the right-now and focus on the future of your business. A short-sighted strategy isn’t going to get you results in the long run, and voice search should absolutely be on your radar.

According to ComScore, 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2020, so you should be optimizing your website for voice search now.

5. Can you provide referrals or testimonials from clients?

A reputable company should have online referrals that include the names and organizations of those who recommend them, either on their company site, or on Google or Yelp.

If someone doesn’t have any examples of past successes, they’re not going to be able to take your business to the next level.

Here’s a good trick: ask them which client has been with them the longest. If it’s under a year or two, run! That means that they probably employ short-term techniques that don’t last.

6. Why should I hire you?

Listen for red flags like “We’re the cheapest” or “We get you the largest number of links.” You want to hear that their plan involves a longer-term strategy with research, implementation and testing.

These are some great ways to help you find a reputable, professional business to tackle your SEO needs. If you’re asking, “How much does SEO cost?” my answer is: that depends. A trustworthy firm will work with you to find the package and pricing that’s best for your business.

Hiring an SEO specialist is a big decision, and there’s a lot at stake.

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Internet advertising

GOOGLE ADS Smackdown!

Many people marketing a business on the Internet heard of Google Ads at one point or another. You can do certain things to make Google Ads profitable. Consequently, you can nearly lose your shirt as well if you lack a solid understanding of Google Ads & how it really works.

Google is all about relevancy. Google places a huge emphasis on this for its users and this is a key central concept in understanding.

You can avoid getting charged $ 5 or $ 10 bucks for a click if you take some precautionary but often necessary steps.

1. Create an ad campaign that closely matches similar keywords.

For example, you sell dog grooming hair brushes.

Your initial thought may be to bid on keywords like “pet” and “pet supplies.” Google considers these as general keywords. People looking for dog grooming hair brushes will not most likely look for “pet supplies.”

The person looking for dog grooming hair brush already knows what he or she wants. You want your ad to target that person directly and your conversation rates will increase.

Group and bid on keywords like “dog grooming supplies,” “dog grooming brushes,” and “dog grooming hair brushes.” Each of these keyword phrases has one thing in common: the phrase “dog grooming.” These are relevant. Make sure each keyword in each ad group has one common word or phrase.

2. Make sure the body copy contains keywords.

When you write the actual copy for your ads, you need to have the keywords you bid on written into the ad.

This helps driver laser focused traffic to your site, Google rewards you by having a higher position for lower cost, your ad is shown more and you please the Google users because you provide exactly what they are looking for.

(Hint: The name of the game is relevancy).

3. Put your keyword in the AdWords ad headline, body and display URL address.

When someone searches for a specific keyword, all the listings that contain that keyword, wehther it is in the metatags, in the name of the web address or in the headline, are bolded to make it stand out to the searcher.

In this way, everyone wins. The user gets exactly what they searched for. Google wins because that user will return again due to his satisfaction. And ultimately, you benefit from it because you might gained a new subscriber or customer and that means cash in your pocket in the end.

4. Create a landing page for each keyword you bid on.

One of the tricks to getting higher relevancy and higher quality scores in Google’s mind is to drive traffic to very specific landing pages.

Each keyword you bid on should be slightly altered so when someone clicks on your ad, they still see the same keyword or something very similar to it in the headline and in the body of your copy on your website.

For example, you search for “dog trainers in Seattle.” You see an ad that says “Dog Trainers in Seattle.” You think to yourself this is exactly what you wanted. You click on the ad to go to the website.

The first thing you read on the web site is “3 Dog Trainers In Seattle Reveal Shocking Secrets that Show You How You Can Fix The Top 10 Most Common Dog Problems Without Having To Pay $ 1000s In Consultation Fees … All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. ”

This website tells you exactly what you are looking for. Fido has some problem you want to fix but yet you are on a budget. And you want someone you can go to locally, not someone who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


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Business Search engine optimization

Business Search engine optimization

Business Search engine optimization is the process that is used to increase the rankings positions on search engines of a website. This process manipulates the onsite content as well as the inbound links to a site, ultimately creating a situation where search engines consider that website or webpage to be the best source for information on that topic. Businesses use SEO to increase their exposure to potential clients and customers, by having their website be displayed favorably in the results that are returned when someone searches for the products or services they offer. Like any marketing method, exposing your brand to potential customers will increase sales.

Business Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, due to the fact that it displays your brand to customers who are searching actively for your products or services. Most forms of marketing will display your brand to a group, expecting some of the members of that group to have an interest in buying what you are selling. With search engine marketing, you are displaying your brand to people who are actively looking for something you offer. This is a far better customer than a simple group that is not defined by a characteristic or motivation. Because SEO pushes your website higher into the search results that are displayed, more potential customers see the brand. Most people who use search engines for decisions will choose from the first five results that are displayed. This is why it is critical for your website to be on the first page of results.

Many business owners are frustrated by a lack of performance due to a crucial mistake being made. If you do not “localize” your website and SEO efforts, then you will be competing for positions against a global competitive landscape. If you are trying to rank for the words “SEO company” your content will be competing with companies that provide this service all over the world. If your company is located in Las Vegas and serves mainly that Las Vegas audience, then a localized SEO campaign targeting “Las Vegas SEO company” will reduce the competition to only companies targeting those terms and areas. This makes your efforts more effective by competing in a smaller pool of results. Effective local SEO uses specialized techniques in addition to keyword targeting to achieve the goals.

SEO uses two main methods to achieve higher rankings. Creation of content that is on a specific topic and positioned either on the website or on another website linking back to your site encompasses nearly 100% of ongoing SEO efforts. By creating new content on a topic, you prove to Google that you are an authority on that topic, and ultimately will rank higher as a result. While there are other factors that are also used in the process, these are the most important two.

Business Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, due to the fact that rankings are a competition between your website and others. There is no such thing as fixed placements, and you can always be bumped.

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The Importance of SEO For E-Commerce

The Importance of SEO For E-Commerce

The most important function of SEO is to improve the visibility of your website. Your website must be detectable when someone searches for your company, product or service to gain traction.

This visibility is gained by SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing).

To run a successful online business your SEO must be perfect to enable your potential customers to find and buy from you.

There are several things you can do to your website to optimise the visibility on search engines.

The main things are:

  1. Strong Content
  2. Ease of Navigation
  3. Speed
  4. Mobile Optimization
  5. Blog posts
  6. Social Media
  7. Site Errors

As well as improving your SEO the things above can also build your brand awareness, improve your relationship with prospects and position yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field.

If we look at the above in more detail:

Strong Content

Keywords are a major focus for search engines to pick up on content in websites. Focus on these keywords such as in your blog posts, your web title and within the body of text ranks more highly than no repetition.

Although the content is also required to be engaging to your customers to ensure they stay on the page and don’t just jump around the site.

Ease of Navigation

When designing a website, it must be easy for your users to navigate. For example, the ideal amount of clicks a user should make to get to a certain page should be 3 or fewer, enabling your prospects to find exactly what they require in as few steps as possible.

If you do have a site which consists of thousands of pages this may be impossible to do, however, you can have cross links between pages rather than just having content hierarchies.


Research shows the longer it takes to open a web page the less likely a potential customer is to return to that page. Time is important to your buyers, the less time they spend waiting for a page to load the better.

Having a web page which loads within 2 seconds will enable the prospective buyer to stay on that page longer and also come back to that page in the future increasing your SEO.

Mobile Optimization

All websites should now have mobile optimization as a standard as over 52% of websites are now viewed on mobile devices and this is rapidly increasing year on year.

If your website is not mobile optimized, this is something to amend as there is a high chance visitors to your website are leaving as they are unable to view it on the device they are using.

Blog Posts

Blogs help your website to rank highly within SEO. A blog shows your expertise in your field so you can establish yourself as a go to person or business.

Your blog can answer questions your customers may have about your products and services and can be linked to the relevant pages too.

Social Media

Social Media supports your SEO ranking through your content promotion. Social Media is a great way to share your blog posts, offers, pages, updates etc.

Social Media may not directly affect your SEO however any promotion you do of material will definitely indirectly improve your rankings by increasing the volume of customers accessing your site.

Engagement can be high through Social Media, any posts you share can be shared between others and create a rapid increase in people accessing your website.

Site Errors

Site errors and broken pages / links can impact your SEO as these areas are then not viewed by Google. For example, if there is a back-link to or from your website which is inaccurate then you’re not receiving the views you should be.

There are many free auditing checks that companies offer so you can see where the errors are occurring on your website and you’re then able to rectify any issues.


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SEO Services For Higher Results

SEO Services For Higher Results

The SEO services, that’s the tool giving the boost to your business in a great way. In today’s time, just by being online does not help in getting more business. In other words, your online visibility is of no use if your target customers do not notice your presence. SEO- the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of the online marketing strategy. SEO is an effective tool that helps in diverting more web traffic to your website. Thus, helping you in a great way by leading your potential clients to your web page. You spend a huge amount of making your company website, but unable to fetch the potential leads to your website. And, the World Wide Web is a place where you have to compete with millions of competitors. So, due to lack of skills your money, an essential asset, get wasted, as well as the clients get shared.

Hence, select an effective and professional SEO service, helping you with the higher ranks on the search engine page. With the proper and skillful use of the SEO services, your business surely going to have fruitful results. Today’s market provides you with abundant SEO service providers. Access the one, which fulfills all your requirements. Search for the SEO, rendering you professional and skilled services. They can really help in adding the volume of traffic to your website. It is better for your company to choose a professional company, as they provide you with the best services at affordable price. Hence, you get a cost-effective package, useful in increasing your business.

On your part, you need to do a detailed study of the SEO service providers. The process of SEO can prove successful only when it is handled by the expert and efficient professionals. The service provider with profound knowledge and proficiency in the field can help you in getting the desired results. These companies offer you various promotional plans and develop SEO friendly websites. The companies, providing you SEO services thoroughly go through your current website. After finding the weak area of ​​your site, they will render you with the best possible solutions, using their internet marketing techniques.

Here are some of the SEO techniques taking your webpage on the top of search engine results.

Some of these techniques include:
Strategic planning and analysis
Keyword / key phrase research analysis
Content / website optimization
Link building tactics
PPC advertising
Search engine submission
SEO reports SEO consulting.

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