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Responsive Web Design Is Not Optional Anymore

Responsive Web Design Is Not Optional Anymore – It’s Mandatory

The last few years have seen the rapid growth of smartphone usage. In 2014, only a small percentage (22%) of people owning such a device used their phone to search on the Internet. Only 2/3 of the population owned a smartphone.

The introduction of 4G Internet, as well as other innovations, made an impact on how people used mobile gadgets. Then, all through 2014, 4G subscriptions increased tremendously from 2.7 million to 23.6 million.

As 2016 came to an end, mobile devices have surpassed desktops when it comes to web usage – meaning more people search the Internet using smartphones and tablets rather than their desktop or laptop.

This shows a major transformation in user behavior; for example, in the US, people use their mobile gadgets to shop, bank and check on their social media account online. According to a study, 7 out of 10 adults use their smartphone – and this includes seniors over 65 – since the public is becoming more high-tech nowadays.

These are the main reasons why it is very critical to consider investing in responsive web design. Businesses need a website that can be displayed well on the screen of all kinds of mobile devices – since people could be browsing a website with the use of a smartphone or tablet.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design enables web content and pages to adjust to all kinds of resolutions and devices. Therefore, even if people browse a website using their smartphone or laptop, it will still be easy to navigate, regardless of varying screen sizes. Responsive web design gives an optimal experience for users, meaning they can view and navigate the site with very minimal resizing and scrolling.

Since responsive web design has the ability to enhance the overall user experience, this can let the users perceive business and brand in a more positive way. When customers are able to access a website with ease on any platform, they will possibly return to do business in the future and it is more likely for the website to get a higher conversion rate. During this time – when more traffic to sites come from mobile gadgets — it is critical to consider this factor when creating or maintaining a website.

As earlier mentioned, responsive web design, as well as mobile-first indexing, are also critical factors in ranking. Generally, it is faster for responsive sites to load, making them more likely to increase ranking and decrease bounce rate. Social sharing is also a lot easier with responsive web design, letting business and brand develop a bigger audience.

When a website is mobile-friendly, SEO campaigns and site maintenance become a lot smoother as well. With responsive web design, you just have to manage one website, making it faster and less expensive than adding a stand-alone mobile application to the desktop website.

Now that mobile-friendly websites have become a standard in the industry with the help of mobile-first indexing, businesses should make sure that they have the best possible web design.

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3 Ways Web Design Works to Help Your Business Grow

As you know, web design and development affects your business and audience. It is the first thing they see concerning your business, so it ought to make a good impression. Below are three important aspects of web design:

1. Makes the first impression

Like we said, your website is the first thing a potential client sees before knowing your services and how your business works. Those first few seconds are essential in your business because they determine if a potential client would become a client or not. And, it also determines your bounce rate. Would the client leave the site almost immediately? Or would they stay and check your services out?

An unappealing website or – God forbid – an outdated one would make your audience immediately bounce. This is because first impression matters. What they see first – your branding and website – matters a lot on your business. So you should always keep yourself and your business up to date on the latest technological trends and developments.

2. Helps your SEO

A great web design is beyond how great it looks or how easy it is to navigate. Although these two are important on their own, a great web design should also be SEO-friendly.

A great way to stay on top of your game among your competition is SEO. Let SEO be integrated into your website design from scratch on a long-term basis, and watch as your website improves its rankings in search engines like Google or Bing.

If you don’t know how to integrate SEO into your website, do not leave it for a later period. Instead, get a professional web developer who knows what he/she is doing.

3. Builds up the character for your company

How your website looks and feels to your audience is how they perceive the customer service to be. For example, when you enter a company for the first time, several things happen. You get recognized as a potential client, and immediately get attended to by the receptionist. The receptionist further directs you to either the waiting room or the person in charge directly.

If you get transferred to the waiting room, you would be given certain refreshments – like coffee or tea – depending on your preference. And when you finally meet the person who would handle your request, the manner at which he/she treats you, their character, is what makes you stay or leave.

The same thing goes for websites. Your website tells a potential client how the character of the company is. So you have to ask yourself, is your website user-friendly? Natural? Welcoming? Easy to navigate through? And most importantly, is it SEO-friendly, so that more clients can find your business?

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What Can Website Design Do for Your Business?

Right Website Design for Your Business?


If fifteen minutes were given to someone to read and navigate through one website among others, over 70% would choose to read the website that looks better, gives off a friendly vibe, and it is easy to read. Not sure why? Read on to find out.This is where you need Right Website Design for Your Business.

A company’s website is usually where most people go to find out more information about that company. What does it offer? Does it have previous positive ratings/reviews on Google? People would want to know what they offer and what other people are saying about a company.

But, if said company has an outdated website or a poorly designed one, most people won’t wait to check out their services or whatnot, they would simply go back to the search engine and click the next website.

If this happens on your website, you may need to consider redesigning your website entirely. But before that, let me tell you three more reasons why you should design an up to date website.

Create an invisible bond between your company and your clients

A great website design has the following specifications: user-friendly, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate, clean and clear pictures (or graphics), moderate but easy to read fronts, SEO-friendly, etc. These features, and lots more, are embedded within a website to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere when a new visitor stumbles upon the website for the first time.

That atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable scrolling through each pages subconsciously creates a bond between the visitor and your website. And it is so important because it determines if the visitor becomes a paying client or not in the long run.

Gives you an advantage over your competition

It might not really be a competition advantage for some business because some companies have already taken advantage of this opportunity and others will follow. But still, it will -at least – give you the chance to stay in competition. And when your services are making your competition spare you one or two glances, it means you’re doing something right.

However, it doesn’t mean you should stop there. Why stop when the whole point of branding is to give your company its voice. Something to make it stand out even amongst your peers. Do something unique today, something different.

What do you think most of your competitors are missing out on? Do it for your site. It might be risky, especially when you know that it hasn’t been tried yet, but that doesn’t mean you should give up – incorporate it into your website. I mean, think about it. Why should a client choose you and your services over others? What is your selling point?

Creates consistency

Your brand is your identity. How easily can someone look at random templates and choose one out of all saying it’s your company’s? Can people easily identify a particular pamphlet, flyer or brochure that belongs to you? If the answer is no, then you’re not being consistent.

Being consistent sets you apart from your competition because people recognize you easily. They know that this particular flyer belongs to this particular company, and searching for your business on the search engines and social media becomes easier.

Anything you are showcasing to the public from your company should have your company style in it – from the company logo to the front and even the colour of the template.

Your website should also have your company’s branding included. This speaks professionalism. And clients love a professional company because they know they would be getting top-notch services from that company.


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