Blue Nile Marketing, based in Denver has over 10 years of experience of branding numerous business and leading them to success. We are a team of experienced programmers, digital marketing strategists and designers! Our primary focus is to design innovative strategies to take your business to the next level. Nowadays, with the advent of social media, businesses are able to reach customers like never before! With different powerful segmentation options such as behavioral and interest wise segmentation, you can easily tap into your relevant audience. Let us set up cost effective laser focused ads which are aimed at delivering excellent results at an excellent price!

Social Media Engagement

Our aim is to make your customers engage with your advertisements and with our knack for placing appropriate call to actions, you’ll be able to get amazing results. Let us develop a strategic plan to incorporate your brand message and produce a service offering that is irresistible in the eyes of your customer!

Social Media Insights

With our focus towards strategically monitoring your insights and developing processes to improve your reach and engagement, your brand strategy is in excellent hands. Our team will prepare regular reports in order to understand the demographics and behavioral segmentation of your customers. We can set up Facebook pixel as well in order to carefully study the user behavioral flow on your website. Setting up pixel enables you to unlock powerful targeting techniques that boost conversions in the long run.

FaceBook Ad Optimization

Facebook offers plenty of flexibility on how your campaigns can be set up. One very popular method is to set up a Pay per click method whereby you are only charged when an interested customer clicks on your ad. You are also able set a bidding cap amount, and all this requires a lot of technical knowledge in order to set it up properly. An improper arrangement could have you spending millions without achieving any good results.

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A common problem that a lot of companies’ face is knowing their appropriate audience. If your ads are targeted towards someone who is not interested in your product or service, then that is just wasted investment on ad spend. Our team of digital marketing strategists will have a discussion with you to get your feedback on what your target market is in your mind, and then they undertake an extensive research to find out how fitting your proposed segmentation is. The research consists of evaluating close competitors, weighing the pros and cons of every proposed strategy and then running A/B tests in order to fully capitalize on a perfect target market.


Brand awareness is highly dependent upon the positioning of the service/product offering. Social Media offers very high potential to expand your reach and you have access to millions of potential customers across the globe. However, it is not that simple. You need to make sure that the brand message is clear, consistent and engaging. Our team of experts excel at setting up and following clear brand guidelines and also keeping the audience engaged by creating innovative ways to position your service/product offering.

Social Media Marketing for your Businesses
Social Media enables us to be visible to potential customers across the globe by letting us reach a huge audience. It is absolutely free to create a profile for your business on social networks, so there is no need for hesitation. Whether you’re an offline business looking to establish your brand presence online or an online one who has tried various methods to boost their business online but is having trouble succeeding, Blue Nile Marketing is here to help! We offer innovative solutions to make your business stand out from the rest by creating engaging ads aimed at boosting conversion.


Customers nowadays are becoming increasingly savvy and privy toward any form of marketing efforts. You have approximately 0.6 seconds to capture the minds and hearts of the customers with your post, or else they’ll scroll further down and ignore your ad completely – leaving Facebook to still charge you for your impression. Which is why there is an immense need for creative and consistent content in order to make the customers excited about your product or service and by adding appropriate call to actions, you’ll receive orders/leads like never before. Book an appointment with us today and let us begin mapping your online journey.

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